safest way to buy something from online


After the beginning of e-commerce, there has been a huge growth in online shopping in the last few years. According to Statista, online shopping sales are expected to reach $4.2 trillion by the end of 2020 and to hit $6.5 trillion by 2023. There are approximately 7.8 billion people living in this world and among them, 2.05 billion people are online shoppers, which is 26.28 percent of the population of the whole world. You can see how fast online shopping is growing.

But as this has a deal with a lot of money, there may be some people trying to cheat you when you are purchasing products online. You need to know about some safest way to online shopping in order to not get scammed. Here are some tips for you about the safest way to online shopping:


  • Payment Apps: Payment apps works like your virtual wallet. You don’t need to carry money or physical credit card with you. You will just have to connect your credit card with these payment apps. When you are purchasing something online, you can complete your payment easily with these apps using your mobile phone.

Apple pay, Google pay, Samsung pay, etc. are some trusted payment apps that are used widely. Developers of these apps are so much strict about the security system of these apps, that it is almost impossible for the hackers to take control of your account.


  • Prepaid Gift Cards: If you are concerned about losing money, a prepaid gift card can be an option for you. These cards are available in the form of both physical and digital gift card and these cards are anonymous also. You will find these cards in local stores. Each gift card has different features and benefits for the users.

You can purchase products online as well as offline using these cards. These cards are used for instant and hassle-free purchasing. You don’t need to provide any personal information during payment. But these cards are not used widely like other payment methods and you may often forget about the money left in the card after making purchases.


  • Virtual Debit/Credit Card: These cards are known as masked credit cards or disposable credit cards which can be used for online payments only. You can hide your personal data while you are buying goods from online as virtual credit card numbers are mostly temporary and it never matches with your credit card number. You may also set an expiration date of your virtual credit card, which may expire before your physical credit card.

It allows you to buy products from a single merchant and use your card only one time, which doesn’t need your personal data and allows you an anonymous payment. You are surely safe when you are making a payment with your virtual credit card as you are using a card number which is valid for one-time use only.


  • Payment Services: Third-party payment services are also a secure way for safe online shopping. You will have to register an account on these payment services using your bank account or card information. You can easily complete your payment after purchasing something online using payment services as the recipients will only know about your name and email address, hiding your personal identity. Online shopping merchants won’t get access to your card details as payments are made with payment services having several layers of security process in payments. PayPal is one of the most used payment services around the world has more than 250 million active users and available at 200+ online market place. It is considered as the safest payment mode.


  • OTP Supported Payment Methods: Payment methods protected with One Time Password (OTP) is also a safe way for online shopping. Nowadays several banks and card companies are protecting their payment system using OTP. While you are completing your payment using a card or online bank account, it will send a password to your phone number connected with your card or bank account.

By using the password, you can confirm your purchase. This is safe because, you will have to provide your bank number or card number only, not the pin number to use the card or bank account. Here the OTP works as your pin number, which changes every time while you are purchasing something.


  • Cash on Delivery: Cash on delivery is the only payment system where you won’t get scammed by someone. Cash is accepted by every merchant starting from small ones to major ones. But you may not use this method if you are buying something from abroad.


Here we talked about some methods by which you can be safe while buying stuff online. Besides, be careful about where are you buying your products. Always try to purchase from well-known stores, trusted by others. Avoid public Wi-Fi while purchasing something as they are easy to hack and collect your information. Happy shopping!