Affiliate marketing in short

what is affiliate marketing and how does it work

Affiliate marketing is a process where you can make money by promoting other’s products. When you are promoting other’s products using websites, blogs, reviews, or videos, and people use your resources and buy something from their websites, you will get a commission for each purchase. This is how affiliate marketing works. It is a popular term in the online marketing field in the present world, as it is considered an easy way to make money. This may be an easy way, but there is no guarantee of being successful unless you are following some strategies. Now, we will talk about some strategies which may help you to be a successful affiliate marketer.


Affiliate marketing strategies

  • Selecting Niche: Your success in affiliate marketing depends a lot on selecting a niche. You cannot just go for any niche you want. This may lead you to failure. You should keep some basic steps of selecting a niche in your mind.
  1. Research more and more about what people want to buy from online mostly? You will come up with a lot of niches.
  2. From the niches you found in your research, now you research how competitive the field of affiliate marketing for those niches is?
  3. You will then come up with a shorter number of niches from the research of competition. Then you select the niche that you would like to work with.

Remember, if you are selecting the wrong niche, it may lead you to ultimate failure.


  • Selecting Affiliate: After you are done with selecting a niche, now you have to select the company, website, or brand you want to affiliate with. Be careful when you are selecting your affiliate. Check their reputation to their audiences, reviews, site rankings, views, and products. If everything seems okay, then affiliate with them, otherwise search for others.


  • Creating Audience: After selecting niche and affiliate, it is your time to create your own audience. For creating your own audience, you need to target a number of people depending on some facts and data. You know that people are looking for products from your niche. You start to monitor them, look for the people of which age, area, or gender wants products from your niche. Target them and start to collect them as your audience.


You may reach your desired audience through blogs or videos. This is totally up to you. You may review, compare, or make unboxing videos of your affiliate products. But make sure that your content is unique, resourceful and it creates sophistication in your audience’s mind so that it attracts them and they share your content through social media. You should use popular and relevant keywords while writing blogs or reviews so that it shows up when someone is searching for products from your niche in different search engines.


If your site shows on the front page, it will attract the customers easily, because there are only a few chances that someone is going to the second or third page of any search engine while searching for a product. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of affiliate marketing as it will help you to understand what types of keywords you should use in your content.


  • Connecting Audience with Your Affiliate: Actually, creating your own audience base and connecting them with your affiliates is something of the same period. When you are creating your audience through your content, make sure you have linked the product from your affiliate multiple times in your content.

Don’t be biased when you are creating content, make sure you have added the cons as well as the pros of the products. It will make the customers believe that you are giving the appropriate reviews which they may trust and go for the product. You can add your personal experiences while using the products, which also attracts people.


  • Arranging live sessions: You may arrange some live sessions to get connected with your audience through your social media. It will help you to connect to your audience directly and interact with them so that you can ask them questions how are they enjoying your contents, is there anything you need to change or you may answer their questions, convince your audience more about your products.

While arranging live sessions, give an advance announcement in your social media profile, use paid ads to promote your live session on social media and search engines; you may send emails to your existing email subscriber to get connected in the live season. Offer something interesting like give away, discount coupon, or something else to attract people towards your live session. If people get interested in your offers or the live session, they are going to share your content in their profile which will help you to reach more new customers.



If you are looking to do something of your own and earn money, affiliate marketing is an ideal solution. Success in this field depends on your skills. Maintaining some strategies in your business, you are definitely going to rule the market. There are many other strategies for newbie online, research more and more, you will gradually understand what to do and what not to, it will lead you to ultimate success.